Jordan Coleman as Batgirl in Corridor Digital's fan trailer

Batgirl Fan Trailer Is So Well Done You’ll Believe It’s What WB Was Hiding

DC’s Batgirl movie, which was shelved last month as it neared completion, is getting an impressive trailer showing what could have been.

A fake trailer for the cancellation bat girl The recently released film by a group of visual effects artists shows just how epic the scrapped DCEU project could have been. Although filming has wrapped and Warner Bros. has already spent $90 million on the project, the bat girl The film was unceremoniously shelved in a shocking move last month, shortly after Discovery acquired WarnerMedia. The decision to cancel the film was reportedly due to negative test screenings and the new organization’s desire to focus more on its theatrical releases. The film was slated for a 2022 release on HBO Max.

bat girl would have starred Leslie Grace as the titular heroine. JK Simmons was set to reprise his DCEU role as Commissioner Gordon, and Brendan Fraser, whose career is currently in the midst of a revival, would have starred as the film’s main villain, Firefly. However, perhaps the most exciting addition to the cast was Michael Keaton, who would have taken over the role of Bruce Wayne, the one he first played in 1989. Batman. Unfortunately, even though the film was already in post-production, the restructured studio opted not to release it.

However, while the film was deleted, the visual effects artists of Digital Corridor made a trailer for it anyway. By bringing in actress Jordan Coleman to fill the role of Grace and using a combination of original footage and shots from past films, the artists were able to create a trailer that really feels like it belongs in a superhero movie to big budget. The creators were so meticulous that there is even a 23-minute accompaniment behind the scenes video detailing how they created the costumes, effects, etc. Check out the finished product below:

Currently, it seems like the world will never see an actual trailer for Bat girl. Despite Batgirl potential loss of $90 million and all the hard work of the cast and crew, the project now seems destined to sit on a shelf gathering dust. However, fan pressure proved capable of changing Warner Bros. executives’ minds. in the past, as evidenced by the success of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut social media campaign. But as Warner Bros. plans to use the film as a tax deduction to recoup some of its losses, the chances of a similar campaign succeeding would be slim.

Whether or not a similarly passionate fanbase will form around the scrapping bat girl film remains to be seen. For now, it seems unlikely that audiences will see an official trailer for the film anytime soon, if ever. Despite early screenings which reportedly received ratings comparable to DC’s Dwayne Johnson black adamslated for release next month, bat girl apparently does not meet the standard of theatricality that the new direction of Warner Bros. Discovery aims. Unless the movie finally makes it to the screen, audiences will never know if it was the right call or not. But thanks to the Corridor Digital team, they can at least imagine what bat girl could have been.

Source: Digital Corridor

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