Batwoman’s Poison Ivy Actress Wants To Reprise Role In Harley Quinn Movie

Having played Poison Ivy in the Arrowverse, batwoman star Bridget Reagan says she’d love to portray the DC villain in a live-action movie harley quinn movie in the DCEU. The CW had a major shakeup this year when parent companies WarnerMedia and Paramount gave up 75% ownership to Nexstar. While the Arrowverse/DC TV brand remains part of its strategy, the network has removed several shows this year, including batwoman Y legends of tomorrow. Outside of the shows that were cancelled, batwoman was one of the most recent additions to The CW’s slate, running for just three seasons.

While there were some major Batman characters that the DC drama couldn’t use for copyright reasons, like Harley Quinn, batwoman Season 3 introduced the Arrowverse version of Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy. played by jane the virgin Y agent carter Schoolgirl Bridget Reagan, DC’s notorious eco-terrorist, was one of the recurring villains in the final season. Batwoman eventually defeated her, and after her confrontation, Renée Montoya ran off with Ivy to Coryana to start over at the end of batwoman season 3.

Weather batwoman It may not be on the air anymore, Reagan is set to play Poison Ivy again, but this time on the big screen. In a new interview with LezWatch TV At this year’s ClexaCon, the actress opened up about her time playing Poison Ivy on The CW. Reagan, who also talked about how much he loves the harley quinn animated series, expressed that he would love to appear in a live-action film when asked by the outlet. Whether it’s her or someone else in the role, Reagan is all for seeing a movie that explores the romance between the two DC villains.

“Turn my arm around. Who knows what’s going to happen in that world. I think bringing her to the movies would be, would be really cool, whether it’s me or someone else, I’d be excited to see it. And I think the fans really want it, you know, and That’s the most important thing for me.”

For the sake of clarity, batwoman exists on Earth-Prime as part of the Arrowverse, while the DCEU, which did a crossover with the franchise during crisis on infinite earths, exists on an undesignated Earth in the Multiverse. On the stage where a harley quinn movie in the DCEU with Margot Robbie would happen, it’s unlikely they would do a multiverse arc to include Reagan’s Poison Ivy in the story. Nothing is stopping Warner Bros. from having Reagan play the DCEU version of the character, though, as neither movie has featured Poison Ivy thus far. To date, there have been no indications that a single harley quinn The project, with or without Poison Ivy, is in the works following Robbie’s last appearance in the suicide squad. However, Lady Gaga is ready to play Harley in Joker: Folie À Deuxwhich takes place in a separate continuity.

While Reagan’s time as Poison Ivy in batwoman was only for a handful of episodes, it was the first time in two decades that the character had a major performance in live action. Even if it couldn’t be the same version she played in the Arrowverse, Reagan would be beyond cool to play a different version of Poison Ivy if the studio chose her for the DCEU counterpart. Given how iconic Harley and Ivy’s love story has become over the years, especially on the HBO Max show, it would be a huge step for superhero media if a live-action property ever explored that, as there is a huge lack of LGBTQ+ representation in that. gender. Hopefully, if Warner Bros. ever decides to give Robbie a harley quinn film again with Poison Ivy in it, batwoman Reagan will be someone who will be considered for the role.

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