Billy Eichner announces a new episode this Tuesday


Most celebrities kick off show rings in the morning, day, and late night when they’re promoting their projects. But if you Billy Eichner And you’re there fighting the good fight to spread the word about your new rom-com two brothers, then you know there’s one place to hit. That’s right… the streets. Taking to Twitter and Instagram earlier today, Eichner shared the excellent news that was a new episode of Billy on the street It will drop on Tuesday, September 20th. And you shouldn’t have trouble finding it because Eichner says the first new episode in three years will be available everywhere.

Billy on the street
Photo: Billy on the street screen

In the posts below, we see Eichner sharing the good news, accompanied by the actor and former BOTS guest Paul Rudd, With both of them in T-shirts to promote the movie Eichner:

Billy on the street Eichner took to the streets of New York to ask pedestrians questions about pop culture, usually using recurring games like “For A Dollar” and “Quizzed in the Face” and sometimes accompanied by a celebrity guest. Some of the past celebrity guests have included: Tina Fey (30 rocks), Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Aziz Ansari (master of nothing), John Oliver (Last week tonight with John Oliver), Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express), Will Ferrell (other men), Anna Kendrick (pitch perfect) And the Jon Hamm (mad men). Created and executive produced by Eichner through the comedy website Funny or Die, Billy on the street Its first three seasons aired on Fuse from 2011-2014. The series moved to truTV in 2015 for its fourth and fifth seasons, and ended its run in 2017 (but found new life on digital platforms before entering hibernation in 2019). The series will be nominated in 2017 for an Emmy Award for Best Variety Series – Graphic for an episode of Hamm:

In an interview with Vanity Fair A few years ago, Eichner hinted at the idea that Billy on the street It was an evolving thing and some kind of change was inevitable. “My intuition has told me that ‘Billy on the Street’ has always been a fairly sophisticated animal,” he told the publication. “It started in parts on my live show, then it became online clips, then it became a long show on one network, then it moved on to another network, but there are still pieces scattered all the time… I want to meet my fans wherever they are, So it definitely won’t go away. I’d hate it to go away. I don’t know if it will take as much space in my mind as it used to, as much time in my schedule as it used to, but I think it will continue to be a part of my life, and I have to weave it into All the other things I’m trying to do.”

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