‘Chainsaw Man’ Drops New Trailer Introducing Public Safety, Crunchyroll Reveals English Cast

In the final and final trailer for the upcoming anime shoot from the studio for Tatsuki Fujimoto chainsaw manMAPPA has continued to raise the hype by shifting the spotlight from our eponymous hero to four of his colleagues in the Public Safety Department.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

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He will debut at the series’ world premiere on September 19, the new chainsaw man Trailer kicks off with Captain Kishibe, head of Division 4 Devil Hunters of the Department of Public Safety.

Standing in front of the graves of presumably recently lost members of Squad 1, Kishibe can be heard discussing the merits of the more rambling Demon Hunters, as “The Demon Hunters who really fear are the ones with the screws loose.”

“You never know what a crazy person will do,” he explains.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

The trailer then goes to veteran member Himeno (Biography: Maria Essie – Rage In Made in the abyss), who turns to ask his former partner, Aki Hayakawa, if he thinks any of the new recruits will survive their next first mission.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

In addition to the previously revealed Denji and Power, these recruits include Hirokazu Arai (Biography: Taku Yashiro – Jude in The magical power of the saint is Cairo), who himself held a contract with Fox Devil:

He is one of the new rookie recruits in Makima’s Special Division 4. Contracted with the fox demon, Hirokazu is paired with apprentice Devil Hunter Kobeni Higashiyama.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

and his cowardly partner, Kobeni Higashiyama (Biography: Karin Takahashi – Suika V Dr. Stone), who characteristically respond to their mission criteria by murmuring, “We’re all going to die here.”

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

Next comes the aforementioned power, which is seen explaining how her origin as a blood demon led her to “love blood”, as it is “warm and euphoric”:

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

Of course, Denji, who is considering improving his quality of life thanks to his new job, declares, “I didn’t really think about it when I started demon hunting, but if I could live that kind of life? I don’t care if it killed me.”

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

After a montage of scenes showing Dingy tearing his demonic enemies to a pulp, the trailer is nearing conclusion with our hero, in the form of a chainsaw man, questioning his working conditions.

“Despite all this nonsense, I’ve been as patient as possible,” Denji shouted as he delivered his fan-favorite complaint regarding the reward promised by Makima. “How come I haven’t gotten a single feeling yet?!

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

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Additionally, Crunchyroll has also revealed four voice actors who will be working with ADR Director Mike McFarland (The attack on the Giants) to bring the series to life for an English-speaking audience.

According to an official press release provided by the anime broadcast, Denji will be voiced by Ryan Colt Levy (Rody in My Hero Academy: World Champions Mission), Suzie Yeong has been cast as the seductive Makima (Lena in 86 – eighty-sixth), Reagan Murdock (Giin and Mulithim in Dragon Ball Super) He will portray Aki and Sarah Weidenhaft (Toro in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) will complete the main cast as Power.

Source: Crunchyroll Chainsaw Man English Dub Cast

The first episode of chainsaw manThe English dub of English is currently slated to premiere for audiences at New York Comic Con on October 7.

The series will then begin to make appropriate public appearances on October 12 via simulcast provided by Crunchyroll.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

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