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Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Want To Get As Ripped For Next Thor Appearance

Chris Hemsworth was incredibly ripped for Thor: Love and Thunder, but now he doesn’t want to go all that big for his next MCU appearance.

Chris Hemsworth doesn’t want to be as scarred as he was for Thor: love and thunder every time he plays Thor next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since he took on the role of the god of thunder, Hemsworth has routinely transformed his body to bring the Asgardian to life. Thor: love and thunder included him going to new heights when it came to increasing volume. After Thor shed the weight gained in avengers endgamehis fourth solo film was a true showcase of Hemsworth’s dedication to becoming as defined as possible for the MCU role.

Hemsworth grew bigger than ever to play Thor in love and thunder. This was evident throughout the filming process, as behind-the-scenes photos showed just how sharp he was. Thor: love and thunder He didn’t shy away from showing off his divine physique, even going so far as to show Hemsworth naked from behind. The entire process emphasized the star’s commitment to the role and the physique required of the 39-year-old actor. Now it seems that keeping the new fitness levels in Thor: love and thunder – or even get over it – isn’t something Hemsworth wants to do for Thor’s next appearance in the MCU.

As part of Thor: love and thunderThe launch of Disney +, Marvel Studios released a behind the scenes assembly documentary for the film. It includes information on the development of the project and interviews with many of the key figures involved. shared by directthis includes a section where Hemsworth talks about how he grew stronger to Thor: love and thunder. However, the actor has now admitted that he doesn’t want to be so scarred every time Marvel calls him to suit up again. Hemsworth says:

Every time I’ve played the character and put on the muscle and the size, and then lost it to something else and played another character, there’s muscle memory, and I used to say it just got easier every time. This was particularly difficult. I think because the target weight that we were heading to was quite a bit above where it had been before. We had 12 months when I was home, just training and, you know, manipulating the body and manipulating and trying to say, ‘Okay, we could try more swimming now or try more martial arts. It was a really fun exploration, but I don’t know if I want to be that big again. But I was like… It was… Yeah, it was just exhausting. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old, but things started to hurt more.

Hemsworth didn’t want to be as torn as he was by Thor: love and thunder doesn’t mean that Thor will be a normal size in his next MCU appearance. The actor is specifically talking about not wanting to take on the challenge of trying to improve his fitness in some way or even get that big again. Instead, it points to Hemsworth wanting to shrink Thor’s muscles a bit, possibly closer to how he looked in Phase 2 or Phase 3. Also, Hemsworth has already started teasing more about Thor’s return in the MCU, though Marvel Studios has yet to confirm which Phase 5 or Phase 6 project he’ll be seen in next.

It’s certainly understandable why Hemsworth doesn’t want to become this big every time Thor’s MCU return happens. He went from playing the larger than life hero to working on various other projects that don’t require him to be anywhere near that physical form. The training and expectations of superhero movie actors are no joke; for example, Hugh Jackman spoke repeatedly about the difficulty of maintaining his Wolverine form as he got older. With Hemsworth about to enter his 40s, the easier it is for him to pull off the look needed for Thor, it could help extend the MCU’s future after him. Thor: love and thunder.

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