Creepy Vogue video honors ‘Dear Daddy’ citizen

After covering some of the casting news and preview surrounding the sub-series Fifth GenWe’re back to visit the world of Meta between seasons on Amazon and Showrunner & EP Eric Kripke‘s boys. The last time we recorded what Vought International had rolled up their sleeves, it was the way they reissued A-Train’s (Jesse T) An “inspirational” ad (Vought’s words, not ours) for Turbo Rush so they could lobby another social movement for a few extra bucks. But this time? Well, we’re not sure if we’re disgusted or horrified by the implication behind Vought’s Homelander celebration (Anthony Star(as Ryan’s “working father”)Cameron CrovetiTo honor the National Day of Working Parents.

Photo: Screencap (Amazon)

“This National Day for Working Parents, we are proud to support moms and dads like Homelander, who have somehow managed to keep our country safe while raising the next generation of champions. Work at Vought and get occasional access to Vought Tots Daycare on site! The commentary accompanying the next “Celebration” video for National Day of Working Parents, which had us vomiting a little in our mouths as well as leaving us very worried about what might happen in Season 4 if Ryan starts showing some “rebel” ways…or becomes a worse version of his dad?

In July, Kripke covered a large number of topics in his interview diverse (Check out the full interview with lots of other details over here), focusing on Butcher (Urban) and Ryan (Cameron Croveti), Queen Maeve (Dominic McKellegott), starlight (Erin Moriartyboy soldierJensen Ackles) and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell):

Should we expect Ryan to go to Brightburn? “Ryan is a really important part of the story because he’s half Becca and half patriot. If the butcher can figure out how to put the shit together and get the baby back, that might be the best single weapon they have against the Homelander. But the other way around. If the Homelander beats the baby, that’s a thing. Horrible because there are two Homelanders. It’s like a kid’s drama with horrific bets. It’s like “Kramer vs. Kramer’ meets Avengers: Endgame. So that’s going to be a really rich story going forward.”

How would the butcher react when he learned he was on a “crazy stopwatch”? “He has so much to do that he hasn’t. And everything he has tried to do up to this point has exploded in the most horrible way. What we find fascinating in the question we ask of Butcher is, is he self-aware enough to realize that he is causing his misfortune? Is he aware enough? To see if he can really change? These are some interesting conversations we’re starting to have for season four.”

Leaving Maeve will make things more difficult by the stars…at least until you come back? “I don’t think ‘The Boys’ would ever end without Maeve reappearing…we needed a way to gracefully take Maeve out of the show, and let her out. We obviously didn’t want to kill her and he fell into the metaphors of gay and bisexual characters on shows. that is being killed. We wanted to do the opposite and send her and give her a happy ending with Elena. The best way to do that is to, well, take powers, and she’s no longer useful in combat anymore. And we did that because Annie can’t really grow into her own until she’s gone All the characters around to protect her. It was important for her next step for her guiding characters and her protecting characters to go away. So it’s only up to me. There’s no one left but Annie. So what’s she going to do?”

Black black is dead! Long live black black! “Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say this: When you have a silent character in a mask, it’s reasonably easy to recreate…if you notice in memories this season, he was a different actor. [Fritzy-Klevans Destine]and maybe the reason we do this is that if we want to paraphrase Noir, we can paraphrase it with Nathan [Mitchell, the original Black Noir actor].

Just because a boy soldier is on the ice doesn’t mean he can’t go back… right? “The old TV adage is like, ‘Never kill anyone unless you really have to. Never close a door, open a window. We’ll all have to wait and see, but I can’t imagine the series ending without Soldier Boy making another appearance.”

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