Crunchyroll announces the second season of the anime adaptation of the Korean Manhwa ‘Tower of God’

While fans are still eagerly awaiting confirmation of the actual English-language version of the original mana, many are overjoying Crunchyroll’s recent announcement that they have given the green light for the second season of Tower of God.

Source: God’s Tower Volume 9 (2022), Youngcom. Cover Art by SIU

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The hype was real for fans who attended the company’s recent industry panel held at this year’s edition of Crunchyroll Gallery, Where not only announced God’s TowerA comeback, but also angered fans with the first main picture for season two.

In it, both the killer candidate and the series’ main hero Baam – who wears his long hair and ponytail – and who will soon be introduced Ja Wangman can be seen in profile.

Source: Tower of God Season 2 Key Visual (2022), Crunchyroll.

In addition to the visual, Crunchyroll has also released a trailer to help fans refresh their memories of the events of the first season of the anime.

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In celebration of the announcement, series creator SIU (also known as Lee Jong Hui) has shared a new illustration of Bam along with a special message.

“It looks like the first season of the cartoon came out yesterday, but now I have a chance to see you all again during the second season!” SIU Books, as translated by Official English God’s Tower Anime Twitter account. “I am so grateful to all the anime production staff as well as the readers, and I can’t wait to see how season two turns out. Thank you as always for all your support!”

Source: Official English Tower of God TV Anime Twitter

Unfortunately, this news comes with a bleak warning, because it comes just like God’s Tower manwha enters another unspecified gap due to SIU’s health.

Announced at the end of the series’ 550th chapter (chapter 133 of its final season), as of this post, the announcement is currently available read-only to FastPast users on the Manwha host site, the Korean Nave website.

Source: Tower of God Season 1 Episode 9 “The One-Horned Ogre” (2020), Crunchyroll

“Hello, this is SI,” opened Manhwaga (translated by user mangahelpers lazy). “As usual, I had a lot to think and think about before writing this notice.”

He continued, “For the past few months, I’ve been trying to follow the series after just one week off, but I’ve already increased my workload a lot, and I’ve been trying to focus on other work reports, but I’ve always been worried about not being able to focus on the manuscript for personal reasons.”

Source: Burj Allah Season 3 Chapter 92 (2021), WEBTOON. Words and Art by SIU.

“I tried to be calm about my personal life and work issues, but it didn’t take,” SIU explained. “Originally, I was going to start working on the next episode and the second I finished that episode, but instead of straining myself and doing it in a bad way, I decided it was the right thing to do, to get back and resume the next episode even if I gave up some work.”

Source: Burj Allah Season 3 Chapter 97 (2021), WEBTOON. Words and Art by SIU.

“After I have had some time in my life,” he said, “I will take a closer look at the manuscripts already made, the manuscripts that have been made and earlier, and revise them as soon as I am fully ready.” “We apologize for the frustration of our readers with the frequent long-term breaks.”

“I know you all love and cherish this job, and I do too. So I will work hard and come back as soon as I’m in better shape,” concluded SUI. “Thank you, as always, for the support and love.”

Source: Burj Allah Season 3 Chapter 124 (2022), WEBTOON. Words and Art by SIU

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SUI will expand on the reasons behind his hiatus in a later post sent to him special personal blog.

“First of all, as a writer, I am sorry that my personal reasons affected the sequence,” he apologized. “I’ve met good readers and for a long time lived as a very happy writer.”

“I am so grateful for this love and I think I put in a lot of effort myself,” Sui wrote. “But I always worry about whether I am a writer who can adequately repay this love and attention.”

Source: Burj Allah Season Three Chapter 130 (2022), WEBTOON. Words and Art by SIU

Manhwaga further opined, “It is a shame to think that it was a concern that has not sufficiently reached readers through the work I have worked on, but I repeat every week a life holding a heavy pen again, I struggle with the idea that if I were a better person or writer, readers would have more happy “.

“Therefore, it seems that I cannot give up my love for my work and my work under any circumstances,” he wrote as he came to the end of his blog post. “I will prepare my body and mind and come back with good work and pictures. I love you and thank you and I wish you a happy and healthy Monday of every week.”

Source: Burj Allah Season Three, Chapter 95 (2021), WEBTOON. Words and Art by SIU

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In addition, many members God’s Tower The production team shared their enthusiasm for the series’ comeback.

“The God’s Tower The second season of the anime is coming! Cheerful character designer Miho Tanino (translated via DeepL), along with sharing a caption to congratulate Bam and Ja. “I can’t wait to watch it! I hope more people will learn about this great work! “

Source: Miho Tanino Twitter

Tanino also introduced fans to a small comic, in which Baam, Khun, and Rak cheer for the season 2 announcement while expressing confusion over who both Ja’s is on the main image and where exactly the story will capture, adding, “Season 2 of Burj God is in the works. Please spread the word Burj God on The Chosen Ones in your area before it is broadcast!”

source; What is Tanino Twitter?

bam voice actor, Taichi Ichikawa (Biography: Seiji Maki in bloom in you), tweeted excitedly, “They’ve decided to produce a second season!”

Source: Taichi Ichikawa Twitter

The character’s voice actor simply wrote, “I’m glad to be able to betray again,” Nobuhiko Okamato (Biography: Katsuki Bakugo in My hero academy).

Source: Nobuhiko Okamoto Twitter

“We are happy to announce that the ad has been lifted!” Ha Yui wrote the voice of the actress Marico Honda (Biography: Katsumi Nakase in Steins; Gate 0). “Yay!!!”

source; Mariko Honda Twitter

Likewise, an Indorse voice actor, ri sugara (Biography: Yui Komori in Diabolik lovers), ‘Wow…! Congratulations! I heard that season two of ‘God’s Tower‘ Coming! The end of the first season was a little scary… Please wait for more news! “

Source: Rie Suegara Twitter

“Congratulations to the second season of #God’s Tower!” The voice actor said HATTZ Toshinari Fukamachi (Biography: Jibiki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations) “The shocking end of season one is still fresh in my mind. I am so happy to see a continuation!”

Source: Toshinari Fukamachi Twitter

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