Disney’s Gargoyles & A Vicious Circle on the cover of next week’s previews


October issue of the monthly Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalog It arrives in comic and digital stores on September 21st, featuring comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise slated to go on sale beginning in December 2022. The front cover showcases the return of Disney gargoul To the Dynamite Entertainment comics written by the creator of Gargoyles Greg Wiseman.

Disney's Gargoyles & A Vicious Circle on the cover of next week's previews

While the back cover features vicious circle, A new series by the writer of the Batman movie Matson Tomlin And the damned Batman artist Lee Bermejo. The spine shows the second number of Genevieve Valentine And the Annie Wucartoon series pictures, Two graves.

While on the cover of the order model, Diamond Select Toys brings Keiron Gillen and Jimmy McElveis Young Avengers, including America, Kate Bishop and Kid Loki, to the Minimates line with the Marvel Minimates Young Avengers Deluxe Box Set.

Jewels of the Month: Stones of the Month October Preview of the Jewels of the Month includes:

· Bubble! Meet your station #1 in studios (OCT220253), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1 (OCT220269), and vicious circle #1 (OCT220264)
Star Wars Dark Horse Comics: The Nameless Terror #1 (OCT220400) and The Witcher: The Ballad of Two Wolves #1 (OCT220407)
Dynamite Entertainment’s Gargoyles #1 (OCT220544) and Red Sonja/Hell Sonja #1 (OCT220568)
Image Comics’ Art Brut #1 (OCT220009), Hexware #1 (OCT220021), Radiant Pink #1 (OCT220038)
Marvel Comics’ Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 Remasterworks HC #1 (SEP220874)

Deluxe Publishers Features:

ABLAZE Publishing ‘Family Time #1’ (OCT221277)
New York Comic Maniac from AfterShock: Don’t Call It Back #1 (OCT221214)
Frank Miller presents Frank Miller & rsquo’s Pandora #1 (OCT221316)

CatBUZZ: Previews take a look at the upcoming projects you’ll be reading in the coming months. Melissa Flores and Emma Kubert introduce the next hero in the Image Comics superhero universe, Radiant Pink (OCT220039), the teleporting teenage hero of the social media era. Additionally, award-winning creator Brian Talbot continues the popular Luther Arkwright saga in The Legend of Luther Arkwright (OCT220418) for Dark Horse Comics; Greg Wiseman’s Gargoyles (OCT220545) returns as dark forces search for a coveted egg in the new Dynamite series; Girl’s Desires Reshape the World in Frank Miller Presents’ Pandora (OCT221316); A family vacation to Ireland takes a turn in the 12th century at Ablaze’s All-Ages Fantasy, Family Time (OCT221278); And many other exciting projects. Readers will have these and many others to look forward to in September and the months that follow.

CatTOYS: On the other side of the catalog, PREVIEWS is looking at some of the upcoming game projects that will get fans excited this winter and beyond. The classic Spider-Man sensing of danger through his “spider sense” is immortalized with the Marvel Comics Diamond Select Toys: Spider-Man 1/7-Scale Mini-Bust (OCT222361). In addition, Surreal Entertainment is updating the classic themed lunch box for the 21st century with four new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tin Titans. Iron Studios goes into the distant next year of 2015 with Back to the Future Part Two MiniCo statues by Marty McFly (OCT222420) and Doc Brown (OCT222421). These and other games will be coming your way this year and next.

PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE ITEMS: This month’s preview features a number of items available exclusively through previews and your local comics stores. In addition to TMNT Tin Titans, Surreal Entertainment is also introducing a selection of new lunch boxes available exclusively through PREVIEWS, including the Marvel: Wolverine Tin Titans Lunchbox and Beverage Container (OCT223049), which features Jim Lee art, and Godzilla: Destroy All can Monsters Tin Titans Food and Beverage Container (OCT223056). In addition, Titan Comics offers an exclusive PREVIEWS version of Gun Honey: Blood for Blood (OCT221250) with a cover written by Adam Hughes. Look for these and other products marked with the PREVIEWSExclusive logo throughout our catalog for products you can only find at your local comic store!

Indie Edge: PREVIEWS talks to Mad Cave Studios/CCO CEO Mark London about his company, their approach to storytelling to “deliver a compelling experience through movement-driven storytelling,” some of the projects he and his company have worked on, 2023 Next Project Hunt. killing. repeats.

On an Editor’s Note: PREVIEWS Editor Marty Grosser is expecting trick-or-treaters back on the streets this October, shares some Disney memories, looks forward to the Christmas season and PREVIEWS’s annual holiday gift guide, soon available online for holiday shopping needs

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