Erin Moriarty, The Boys Actress, Last Celebrity to Complain About “Toxic Fans”

Due to the fact that it’s a day that ends with “y,” a celebrity decides to take advantage of victim culture stimulation in an effort to score points using her echo chamber. That person happens to be actress Erin Moriarty, who claims some fame for her portrayal of Starlight in Amazon’s Superhero Commentary series. boys.

Starlight unleashes its power in ‘The Boys’, Amazon Prime Video

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Moriarty read from the script note when she stated “misogynistic trolling” that was supposed to be directed at her by fans of the show. She shared an article on Instagram with the title #IstandWithStarlight?: Betrayal of Erin Moriarty by Boys fans. The article, which was posted by the butcher site on the Instagram account, lamented the fact that some fans did not “lear the lesson” that the series was trying to portray.

Article about Starlight on the butcher channel on Instagram

Interesting talk, given the frenzied, obscene and exploitative sexual content of the programme, which featured prominently in the Season 3 episode’hieroglyphs, Not to mention the overt depiction of blatant bestiality on screen between the character Depp and the octopus.

Regardless, Moriarty was quick to respond, adding, “I feel silent. I feel dehumanized. I feel paralyzed. I put blood, sweat, and tears into this role (over and over). I grew up in this character’s shoes (*focus on adults – we’re changing). We are growing mentally and physically.”

Starlight from The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

Only, she was not silenced, otherwise she would not have said what she is saying. Usually, a person is only truly silenced when they are prevented from speaking in public, which is clearly not the case here. However, this is how our society works nowadays.

This type of rhetoric is a standard issue when it comes to left-wing celebrity culture, and has been used as a weapon in an effort to boost their profiles in hopes of advancing their careers. The most obvious example was Jussie Smollett’s racist hoax, driven primarily by the actor’s desire for more sought-after, higher-paying roles.

Maybe Moriarty had the same agenda, or maybe her feelings are sincere. If it is the latter, then the question should be asked – what exactly to do about it?

Homelander meets Supersonic in The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

She went on to speak of the Instagram post, saying, “This breaks my heart – you’ve opened a vein for this role and misogynistic trolling is exactly what this role (Annie) is going to speak against.”

She then added, “Everyone is fighting their own battle(s); let’s not add to that. I would never intentionally (and privately) publicly add extras for you. This only strengthened my empathic muscles and to anyone who comes to me: I see you, I don’t hate you, I just I sympathize and forgive.”

Homelander arrives at The Boys, Amazon Prime

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Local actor Anthony Starr ran to the actress’s defense, and said, “I support you and what you say here 100%. Well your work on the show has been great and has always been great and you are beautiful inside and out. Keep on shining 😉 xo.”

Nice words, but they don’t offer a solution to the perceived problem. Anyone who has spent more than five minutes on the social media platform is well aware of the toxicity. Evil humans take advantage of the anonymity of these platforms to throw trash that they would never dream of saying to a real person’s face.

Eric Kripke interview by Collider, YouTube

Series creator Eric Kripke took the opportunity to offer his own view on the Moriarty case, attacking these supposedly toxic fans with “Be nice. If you can’t be nice, eat a bag of bars, out of the sun and don’t watch “The Boys,” we don’t want you ‘, which is the typical response from a low-key contemporary left-wing ‘creator’ – cursing and yelling at people to be nice to you.

Really amazing logic.

As most actual fans already know, the current trend is for leftists to create a show with overtly political messages, then pounce on a handful of troll comments on social media, using them as an excuse to sow hate and stinging in the fan base at large. The proper course of action would be to completely ignore these few individuals, but this would deprive them of the opportunity to point out virtue.

Starlight and Stormfront on filming in The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

Indeed, any target of harassment should advance through social media, but the current state of our Western culture will not allow it. The incentive structure is such that the status of the victim is now seen as noble, virtuous, and good. Of course, it is not. The victim is a psychological poison, and those who perpetuate and encourage it are guilty of making the problem much worse, and exacerbating mental illness.

However, the political and social left uses the victim as a measure of merit and integrity. The higher your status as a victim, the more virtuous, brave, and wonderful you will be as a person. This is a far cry from the days when female rape victims refused to call themselves victims, but rather, “survivors” and “fighters,” which is In fact Noble, brave and brave.

“Five Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now”, from the AsapSCIENCE YouTube page

As long as the victim culture is rewarded, the incentive structure will not change, and more celebrities will take advantage of it in an effort to gain influence and visibility. I stress again that Erin Moriarty may indeed be true to her feelings, but there is no denying that she is more inclined to nurture victim culture, given the way so-called “victims” are rewarded for it.

Of course, she can simply shut down and/or ignore social media, which many celebrities have done in recent years. In 2020, . was released The National Library of Medicine revealed a study On the negative effects of social media, the drug-like effects it can have on the human mind, exacerbating mental health problems.

“Social media is the new nicotine” from Real Time with Bill Maher, YouTube

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The real irony, of course, is that Irene Moriarty undoubtedly has a lot more real fans than she does “toxic” fans. In our current culture, people are taught that everyone Should Like you, and say nice things about you in all timesAnd if not, society needs to change. This is not bravery. Being an extreme coward.

“Reform” usually involves complaining about the problem, not offering solutions, or going to extremes, such as mass censorship and repression. The most outrageous and absurd example of this was recent Decision of the High Court of New South Waleswhich held social media companies responsible for their users’ comments, making it an effective brand for publishers, rather than platforms.

Barack Obama talks about governments controlling the flow of information on CNBC and YouTube

Similar laws have been proposed in different countries, making it illegal for anyone to say anything meant to anyone, for any reason. The culture of victimhood perpetrated by left-wing celebrities and weak-willed cultural figures is an open call for the repressive hands of the big government to clamp down on freedom of expression, all under the seemingly noble guise of protecting the people.

As it stands, victim culture continues unabated, propelled by the likes of Erin Moriarty, Moses Ingram, and many more. While there are no justifiable mean, racist, misogynistic, or sinister comments directed at other people, there comes a time when individuals need to realize that some of the mean words uttered by unknowns no one in bedrooms and basements do. Not dictate who they are.

Hughie and Starlight in “The Boys”, Amazon Prime Video

In other words, this is only true if You are charity.

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