Ethan Van Sciver slams DC for turning poison ivy into a “fat lesbian” in a limited series of “Catwoman: Lonely City”

DC has made another revamp of a celebrity they were wooing from former employee Ethan Van Sciver, though there are others who would like to see the remake break out in some form.

Source: Injustice 2 (2017), NetherRealm Studios

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It all started when Twitter user Lolwhutburger celebrated the curved design of Poison Ivy that appeared in the Catwoman limited series. lonely city As the “upper class” to be taken advantage of.

They wrote, “Okay, DC at this point we need a movie or show or cartoon or whatever with this version of Poison Ivy PRONTO, that’s top-notch character design and it should be taken advantage of.”

The user added, “I love her dress, it looks so cute with her hair,” and most spoke for themselves because this veteran comedian doesn’t think Ivy looks pretty or cute.

Van Sciver was not surprised, categorizing this ivy as a “fat lesbian” after seeing it. “Feminists have made Poison Ivy a fat lesbian,” he wrote on Twitter. “Just another day at Comics Clownworld, though.”

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Van Sciver, an avowed and proud supporter of Comicsgate, has been pointing out for years how the comic industry is in crisis and DC in particular is dying due to stunts like this that do not have mass appeal.

Rippaverse creator Eric July joins Cyberfrog creator in his critical assessment of modern comics as well as home-looking ivy.

In one of his recent YouTube videos, July he briefly covered Ivy’s redesign and said it’s further evidence that we need more alternatives and decentralization in an industry that’s only making changes like this for “left-wing outsiders” who want Poison Ivy in a movie .

Her bad reputation has turned into a wild hoax since at least then Harley Quinn Animated series on HBO Max. With the advent of that alternative continuity of adultery, some in the fandom believe or hold that anything goes and should become the basic canon.

Source: Catwoman – Lonely City, Book One, by Cliff Chiang

Catwoman: Lonely City It is also in a separate world because it is the story of Elseworlds by Cliff Chiang. Poison Ivy is technically fair game in this context of new things, good or bad, just as Selina Kyle herself was in The Dark Knight Returns where she gained weight.

However, the distant land in the multiverse visited by a random generator once in a blue moon is where this type of experiment for sales belongs.

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