From worst to first: Ranking every Fuji TV Digimon series

in the late nineties, Digimon: Digital Monsters It was introduced to audiences all over the world and was a smash hit almost overnight. over 25 years, Digimon It spawned many movies, video games, manga, card games and of course, animated TV series.The franchise has seen its highs, and certainly its 25-year lows, but despite the pitfalls, Digimon It’s still going strong today. It’s time to rank the worst and the best Digimon Television series from the era of Fuji Television.

Source: Digimon Adventure Tri. The future, Toei Animation

Because we focus on Fuji, Digimon Xcross Wars And the app monsters They will not be included (note: if you include them, you will not be at the top of the list). Going from worst to first, let’s start at the bottom of the list Digimon TV series so far.

7) Digimon Frontier

Source: Digimon Frontier, Toei Animation

Let’s start this list with the worst by far Digimon series ever existed, Digimon Frontier Which actually killed the franchise for a number of years. border He was the first to introduce the idea that children could become an ancient Digimon through the use of “legendary warriors”. This means that the concept of “Partner Digimon” has been removed. Needless to say, this idea did not go well.

The series tried to recreate the same magic they had during conspiracy Epic, but the characters were simply a nice imitation of previous events. The series even squandered the appearance of Lucemon, one of the Seven Demon Lords (and a few of them were introduced in Digimon concession) which is a criminal offense in itself. Digimon Frontier It is the TV series that most fans have no problem forgetting.

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6) Digimon Adventure 02

Source: Digimon Adventure 02, Toei Animation

Digimon Adventure 02 It was all going on as a direct sequel to the hugely popular conspiracy series. All of the original cast members returned, and the series had a chance to expand on the things they couldn’t do in season one. The problem is adventure 02 He did none of that. if something happens, 02 Creating more plot holes and unresolved and unresolved storylines to this day.

adventure 02 It brought in new characters that the fan base didn’t really care about. The 02 The characters were so forgotten that the series itself has ignored them for the past 20 years. The ending was one of the worst poorly thought out endings in franchise history, and it left such a bad taste in fans’ mouths that they spent more than 20 years trying to fix their mistakes. zero two It’s the reason why many fans didn’t give it a go until years later.

5) Digimon Ghost

Source: Digimon Ghost, Toei Animation

First Fuji TV Digimon The series since 2007 is the only show on this list that’s still running. Digimon Ghost game It is the first series to focus primarily on the horror aspect of the franchise. It’s definitely an interesting concept, using modern day technology and classic horror metaphors in Digimon environment. The primary drawback is that most rings are one time fillers or spells.

While there are seeds for a greater reward in the future, it’s impossible to shake off the feeling that you’re watching a show that has no general direction. Ghost game It focuses on three of the characters, but they don’t have much of a personality to make it memorable. The series has a lot of ideas, but it lacks execution. Ghost game It is an active series that has a lot to do to make a real impression.

4) Digimon Savers (Data Squad)

Source: Digimon Savers, Toei Animation

The Black Horse on this list is a lesser known series called digimon data squad, Also known as savers, A series that flew under the radar for a lot of people because it came out after years of failure Digimon Frontier. The series attempts to revive the fandom’s love for Digimon By combining the elements of nostalgia for both conspiracy And the Tamers.

Digimon Sivers She refocused her audience on a teenage demographic, rather than young children. The characters are much stronger, and they have specific personalities. to this day, savers is the only series to explore the origin story of the Royal Knights, Digimon The strongest group of heroes. It is clear that the creators used savers Trying to connect with the older fan base that has left the franchise.

Source: Digimon Savers, Toei Animation

While the series had style and maturity, it didn’t have the connection to the fan base that the creators wanted. However, in terms of quality, Digimon Sivers It is the most underrated independent series in franchise history.

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3) Digimon Adventure

Source: Digimon Adventure, Toei Animation

This will definitely upset some old schools Digimon fans, but conspiracy Not the highest chain on this list. Digimon Adventure This is the series that started its fans digimon, It was an introduction for everyone to the traditions of the digital world during the days of Fox Kids. The original eight DigiDestined is still, to this day, the most popular group of characters in the series.

conspiracy It made a lot of sense in telling stories in the long run, while being able to keep filler episodes to a minimum. The presentation has drawn audiences into a world of episodic storytelling, while its popularity has brought in a huge number of sequels and reboots over the years.

Source: Digimon Adventure, Toei Animation

There’s no denying the cultural impact that the original 54 episodes had during the turning point of the millennium. conspiracy It deserves its praise, but it also has its flaws, which have been addressed and approved more than 20 years later with the series rebooting in 2020.

2. Digimon Adventure 2020

Source: Digimon 2020, Toei Animation

It would be the most controversial choice Adventures 2020 In second place. what makes 2020 Better than the original? After many unsuccessful attempts to recast the magic created during the original work conspiracy saga – she Digimon TreeDigimon 2020 It allowed the franchise to start from scratch and create a new origin story for a well-known story.

With the adoption of improved animation style after 20 years, 2020 Sets a tone much different from the original conspiracy, which was mainly focused on children. the majority adventures Complex story elements have been cleaned up, along with character sequences created for everyone other than his name Tay and Matt.

Source: Digimon Adventure 2020, Toei Animation

The finer details like the size of the Digimon, the size of their battles, and the connection between Digimon and partners were huge improvements from the OG series. Digimon Adventure 2020 It succeeds where the sequences failed, it was already created instead of refactored.

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1) Digimon Tamers

Source: Digimon Tamers, Toei Animation

Perhaps people took a while to appreciate the greatness that was digimon tamers, But there is a reason I can attest that it is number one on this list. The show had the impossible task of setting up a new story away from conspiracy long story. Despite this, it is said to be the best series thanks to its storytelling, character development, and its mature tone that has not been seen since.

tamers Storytelling was well ahead of its time, addressing issues like depression and sadness in ways whose audiences simply weren’t mature enough to truly appreciate it, until time progressed. Digimon He tried to recreate the formula of a trio, rather than a team, but no trio has yet matched the dynamic that Takato, Rika, and Henry established.

Source: Digimon Tamers, Toei Animation

Digimon Tamers It’s one of the few series that doesn’t really need a sequel, due to the fact that it got a lot right the first time around. If you are new to the world digimon, You can’t go wrong with getting started tamers And work your way back, because nothing can top a chain banner holder.

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