Goodnight Mommy Is Supremely Disappointing {Review}


Good night mom it’s the worst kind of thriller, one that cares more about preserving a twist than telling a compelling story. Wasting a great set of child actor performances Nicholas Y cameron crovetti, the movie is expensive, lifeless, and a lot less smart than you think. Even naomi watts it cannot save it from itself. Fully jumpable.

Good night mommy is extremely disappointing {Review}
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Good night mommy has bad priorities

The film begins with twins Elias and Lucas arriving at their mother’s house to stay, left behind by their father. Why they live apart is a mystery. After arriving, they see her mother, never named but from photos on the walls, she is a famous actress. Only her head and face are covered with bandages. After witnessing the woman’s increasingly bizarre behavior, they become convinced that she is not her mother but an impostor they must stay away from at all costs.

the problem with Good night mom is not the premise but the features that the director matt sobel and screenwriter kyle warren go to preserve the twist at the end of the movie. That’s usually appreciated, but for this movie, it really depends on what kind of viewer you are. It took me about ten seconds to figure out the twist on this one, and that made for an annoying viewing experience. It’s a bit out of left field if you’re not paying attention to the hints, but you get hit over the head with them so much that it would be hard to miss.

But that is not the only problem here. The film is inundated with dark tones and a monotony that makes the entire film heavy. There are all sorts of pacing issues, where taking a little longer could have brought out more of the characters’ emotions and given us something to hold on to. Watts does the best she can with the material and a role that requires her to stay focused for half the runtime, but she seems more disinterested in the material than we’re seeing. Some of that plays into the ending, but still, it’s not her best work here. Most of the work falls to Nicholas and Cameron Crovetti, playing the twins. They do a great job though, the only bright spot. A scene with them bonding in a field feels like a lot of fun, and one wishes they had kept that energy going throughout the entire runtime.

Good night mommy is extremely disappointing {Review}
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It’s hard to talk about this movie without spoiling the ending, and while it’s emotionally heavy and sad, it doesn’t feel earned at all. Instead, you feel angry that the filmmakers seemed to care more about their puzzle box than making us care about the story they were trying to tell. Good night mom it answers the core question of whether or not this is your mother, but the answer will leave you feeling cold, angry, and wishing they hadn’t.

Good night mom

Good night mommy is extremely disappointing {Review}

reviewed by Jeremy Konrad


Goodnight Mommy is a complete mess, more concerned with preserving its mystery than telling a compelling story. He is on Prime Video now.

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