Heaven’s Watch on Queen Elizabeth II: ‘Very beautiful ****’


Last week, we reported on how Comcast-owned pay-TV service Sky censored an episode of the Emmy-winning HBO late-night series. last week tonight In the UK because of the jokes/comments it hosts John Oliver In reference to the death of Queen Elizabeth II and how the country was essentially closed because of it. Well, Oliver had some thoughts on this matter that he wanted to share with her Seth Meyers and viewers of NBC’s Late Night Myers Talk Show. “All we’ve said is that Britain is still mourning the horrific loss – isn’t it? – of a 96-year-old woman of natural causes. It’s literally no joke. Scientifically, it’s no joke. It’s just a fact with some kind of dick inflection, that’s It’s all,” Oliver explained to Myers. “However, they cut it off, which is pretty ridiculous because apparently, all we heard all week was that the Queen had this great sense of humor. Just nonstop. Oh, she was so funny. Seth, she was so funny. Queen. She was razor-sharp.” So, what made Skye run for the scissors to do some trimming on the episode and viewers run to social media to express their anger?

Photo: NBC Screencap

While there were a number of options to choose from, Oliver paid particular attention to the random assortment of companies and services that posted a tribute to the late Queen. “Obviously, we have to start with the UK, which is clearly still experiencing the traumatic death of a 96-year-old woman from natural causes. It is a huge moment. [of] “Week and for some reason, everyone just felt they had to go through with it,” Oliver once said, which also seems to deal a blow to those who have found it traumatic. Oliver also took advantage of the occasion to strike at les trussThe new Prime Minister of England and Chairman of the Conservative Party. Oliver noted that the death of Queen Elizabeth II “wasn’t the only traumatic event Britain had to contend with” and referred directly to Truss. Here’s a look at Oliver’s visit to NBC Late Night with Seth Meyers:

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