It’s time for Netflix to do more than just #RenewSandman


Well, here’s what we all need to know about storyboard creator, EP and co-writer Neil Gaiman (good omen); EP, Co-Writer and Show Director Alan Heinberg (amazing woman); and EP & co-writer David S. JoyerLive action adaptation of hypnotic. Three days after its August 5th release, the streaming series had already racked up 69.5 million watch hours. For the next 30 days, it will move to the top and then remain in the top 10 lists worldwide, in more than 80 countries and territories. And in Netflix’s published statistics for the week ending September 11, the series was watched for over 381 million hours (and as you can see from the graphic below, hypnotic Still going strong after 30+ days). Add to that Rotten Tomatoes’ current score (as of this writing) of 87% with critics and 80% with viewers (“Certified Fresh”) and your social media following remains as strong as ever, and you can understand why it keeps asking the same question. So why hasn’t Netflix announced a second season for The Sandman yet?

The Sandman: Time for Netflix to do more than just #RenewSandman
Photo: Netflix

Unless co-CEOs of Netflix Ted Sarandos & Red Hastings They’re just ranting to Wall Street subscribers about their desire for world-renowned franchises so they can grow into “pillars of support” and they’ll stick to the old ways of doing things, there’s no way (even in the midst of the “old wilderness” of the West” that flow finds itself ) that hypnotic It does not go back to another stage. And from Gaiman previously, it’s not like the series can’t be shopped anywhere else (with my personal choice being Amazon since they already have the “Good Omens” and “Anansi Boys” businesses). But I don’t think it will come to that for no other reason than this she has To be that shining moment in the wrong business known as the flow where common sense and business sense shake hands, and some nice drinks.

But if Netflix still needs to hear it? renewal hypnotic. And don’t make us wait until you last. thank you in advance.

Photo: Netflix

In fact, Netflix must have embraced the idea that it helped make the impossible possible. This helped finance a television series adapted from a comic book series that many considered unadaptable. I mean, look at all the previous efforts that Gaiman (fortunately) protected his art from. So with that in mind, we’re looking forward to Netflix doing more than just uploading a second season (although that is and always will be excellent). For a series like this, the creative team deserves a two-season order to really be able to dig into the heart of the story with the confidence that comes with not having to live from season to season. also? Ditch the binge-dropping model and embrace the premiere of 3 episodes/weekly drops after getting close. why? Because hypnotic It is a show that redefines television time. This is instead of a water cooler, it is a social media for watching parties, live tweets, etc. Take advantage of it the ways you use HBO Max peace maker & Harley Quinn You have it, where the whole season feels like a big online party. Finally? Announced a six-episode limited series of Jenna ColemanJoanna Constantine. Fans started posting this on social media within 24 hours of the series airing, and the interest hasn’t been waived since. And with HBO Max shelving (or possibly shopping) the “Constantine” series, it seems like a sign this is going to be a good move.

But no matter what his final decision is, it’s time to start Netflix hypnotic Fans’ dreams in season two reality. Because otherwise, we will lose Gaiman in the second season of Amazon The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power[Ed. Note: LOL 😉 ]

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