Kathy Griffin threatens ‘civil war’ if Americans don’t vote for Democrats midterm in November

Kathy Griffin is making headlines with another sad and pathetic attempt to stay relevant within Hollywood’s stratosphere, this time threatening “civil war” if American voters do not elect the Democratic candidates in November.

Source: ET Canada, YouTube

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On September 6, the failed comedian took to Twitter to discourage her followers from voting Republican in the upcoming midterm elections, boldly declaring, “If you don’t want Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you want Civil War, vote for Republican.”

Source: Kathy Griffin, Twitter

Griffin’s tweet was met with well-deserved scrutiny on social media, with Twitter users rightly responding to it by denouncing her apparent advocacy of violence among Americans.

Political comedian and Washington Times columnist Tim Young sarcastically noted, “Sooo…Kathy Griffin is now threatening civil war on behalf of the Democrats if the Republicans win…they’ve got it.”

Source: Tim Young, Twitter

He politely wrote: “I don’t want to change your mind or argue with you, but I also don’t want to share a state with you.” The anarchist brochure Author Michael Mallis. “Peaceful divorce leaves everyone in a better position.”

Source: Michael Malice, Twitter

“First, Kathy Griffin threatens to assassinate President Trump with her ISIS-inspired image,” asserted conservative figure Scott Pressler, referring to a tasteless photoshoot that saw the unrelated comedian carry the bloody fake Trump in 2017. Civil war if the Republicans win in November.”

Source: Scott Pressler, Twitter

The Libertarian Party’s official Twitter account quipped, “Translation: ‘If my political party can’t enslave the rest of the country to our will, a civil war will break out!'” “

They continued, “He talks a lot about Cathy not seeming to recognize peaceful alternatives, like #NationalDivorce.”

Source: Libertarian Party, Twitter

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Finding himself feeling less than threatened by Griffin’s tweet, RedState columnist Buzz Patterson responded, “We have all the guns and most of the military. I love our chances.”

Source: Buzz Patterson, Twitter

A libertarian US congressional candidate A.J. Olding, “Will you threaten violence if the Republicans win?”

Source: Andrew Olding, Twitter

Cartoonist George Alexopoulos walked in, and asked the not-so-funny comedian, “Didn’t you picture yourself holding the head of a sitting president?”

Source: George Alexopoulos, Twitter

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Of course, Alexopoulous didn’t stop there, as the cartoonist was inspired by young Griffin’s call for violence in one of his comics, illustrating a piece where after the Republican accepts her terms, the comedian immediately raises the white flag.

Source: George Alexopoulos, Twitter

In a definitive and pathetic attempt to play the ignorant, Griffin followed up on her first message with a Breitbart Pentagon reporter replying on Twitter, that “this sounds like a threat” and moaning, “You guys. Blue Maga checks on it again.”

“Because they are continually threatening civil war, they are now trying to suggest that I’m the one threatening civil war,” she distances herself from. “Because you know, that’s my thing.”

Source: Kathy Griffin, Twitter

This isn’t the first time the not-so-funny comedian has tried to stay relevant in recent years.

As mentioned above, in 2017, Griffin posed with a prop depicting ex-President Donald Trump’s decapitated Photo session with artist Tyler Shields.

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017 (Official White House photo Sheila Craighead)

However, rather than win the heroes’ welcome for it, the ruse instead not only left people on both sides of the political spectrum confused and denouncing the tasteless image.

One such entity unaffected is CNN, which, a decade after being introduced as host of the network’s annual broadcast, chose to “terminate our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on the New Year’s Eve Show” after the photo was posted.

Source: CNN, Twitter

However, despite this reaction before apologize profusely for Participation in photographyGriffin later reposted the photo to her personal Twitter account in celebration of Trump’s loss in the 2020 election.

Archive link Source: Kathy Griffin Twitter

As of this writing, this particular tweet is still on her account.

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