‘Madame Web’ star Sidney Sweeney condemns attacks against her family, social media users double down on her family being racist

Progressives spent social media on Saturday afternoon attacking actress Sidney Sweeney and her family for appearing to be “right-leaning” in a series of photos the star posted celebrating her mother’s birthday.

Sidney Sweeney at HBO’s Euphoria

Sidney Sweeney is set to star in the latest Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man Madame Web Next to Dakota Johnson. She also received an Emmy nomination for her roles in the HBO series white lotus.

Over the weekend, she went to Idaho, her family’s home state to celebrate her mother’s 60th birthday with several of her family including her brother at a farm-inspired party filled with cowboy hats and boots.

Sweeney commented on a post containing photos and a video of the festivities. “There is no better way to celebrate my mom than with a sudden fold.”

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However, some photos inspired many social media users to attack her and her family. Sweeney was the top trend on Twitter with many calling her and her family “racist” because of what they wore to the event.

Party attendees wore MAGA-style parody hats that read “Make Sixty Great Again” in honor of her mother, angering social media users for being closely associated with former President Donald Trump.

Twitter user ierickcordova tweeted, “Lol and not Cindy Sweeney hanging out with her blue life matters, a maga hat her family wears. Everyone claims they are progressive and allies but they go back to their racist, rough families under the pretext of ‘they’re still family’.”

Ierickcordova Twitter

Social media users also complained about an attendee, whose father Sweeney was supposedly wearing an American flag-shaped T-shirt, prompting Twitter users to call the actress’s family racist and compare them to the January 6 protesters.

One user, bare xbihh, specifically zoomed in on his shirt and wrote, “He wore this for her birthday too, that’s not a good look.”

Exposedxbihh Twitter

Another shared a clip glimpsing her and her family who took part in the protest on January 6, and wrote, “Sydney Sweeney when she asks where her family was on January 6, 2021.”

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After heading out for a few hours, Sweeney posted herself on Twitter to reject calls of racism directed against her family.

“Guys this is wild. An innocent celebration of my mother’s 60th birthday turned into a ridiculous political statement, which wasn’t the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Lots of love to everyone ♥️ and happy birthday mom!”

Sydney Sweeney Twitter

Progressives on social media have done nothing to slow their attacks and only double down on calling the Sweeney family racist.

One Twitter replied to her post by saying,Just telling you a part of Racist family and move on.”

yikesitsclaudia Twitter

Another Twitter user blamed Sweeney along with “rich white people”.

“Rich whites make ‘innocent’ and ‘tepid’ jokes out of violent and symbolic political orthodoxy because they literally don’t affect them. The plight and oppression of marginalized groups is nothing more than a bleak message they have to pass through in their bottom line.”

@khaidreams twitter

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Another user stated that she could no longer support Sydney because of the photos and called her family racist. “Nah, I’m sorry that I can’t support someone who has a racist family either.”

hanahchaHBIC Twitter

Another user shared his enthusiasm for the attacks on Sweeney. The user wrote, “Seeing Sidney Sweeney jumping is beautiful. If you are white and don’t want to completely embarrass your parents for their conservative opinions, you are equally complicit and need your escort.”

In a subsequent tweet the user wrote, “Loving your parents” at the expense of marginalized people is wrong. Downloading this love while holding them accountable is one thing. Ignoring that shit and pretending it’s not deep is another thing. And *** her, period.”

Twitter Shutter

Last month, Sweeney spoke about how hardships early in her career affected her family’s lives and how she worked so hard to give them as much money as possible. “We lived in one room. My mom and I shared a bed and my dad and little brother shared a sofa.”

Sweeney wanted to mend her relationship but lacked early success which prevented her from achieving that goal. “I thought if I made enough money I’d be able to buy back my parents’ house and I’d be able to get my parents back together, but when I turned 18 I only had $800 to my name. My parents weren’t together and there was nothing I could do to help.”

Sidney Sweeney at HBO’s Euphoria

What are your thoughts on the progressive Twitter attacks on the Sidney Sweeney family?

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