The Curse Of Bridge Hollow

Marlon Wayans Fights Halloween Spirits In Curse of Bridge Hollow Trailer

Halloween decorations come to life in the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming original movie The Curse of Bridge Hollow, starring Marlon Wayans.

Netflix releases the new trailer for its upcoming Halloween movie The curse of Bridge Hollow. Directed by comedian Marlon Wayans, singer Kelly Rowland and Strange things fan Favorite Priah Ferguson, The curse of Bridge Hollow follows an unsuspecting family who moves to a new haunted town. Wayans plays a Halloween-hating father who must team up with his (Ferguson) teenage daughter when a rogue spirit awakens the town’s Halloween decorations.

Now, Netflix released the first trailer for The curse of Bridge Hollow. Audiences are introduced to the father-daughter duo and the quirky Halloween-obsessed town they’ve moved to. Realizing that the curse brought to them by an evil spirit in their new home is real, they must save the day and put an end to the ghosts that terrorize their community. Check out the trailer below:

Netflix has had great success in previous years with Halloween movies. For example, 2020 there would be halloween It was the most popular movie of the year on the streaming platform. It seems that they are following a similar formula for The curse of Bridge Hollow mixing laughter with ghosts. The curse of Bridge Hollow it also marks Ferguson’s first leading role in a feature film. However, Netflix has stiff competition in the streaming world this fall as the highly anticipated sequel to Disney+. Hocus Pocus 2 will arrive at your service a few weeks before hollow bridge’release of s. Only time will tell if The curse of Bridge Hollow can win there would be halloween and the attention paid to Hocus Pocus 2 a Become Netflix’s new Halloween hit.

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