MCU’s Thunderbolts Movie Sets Up Dark Avengers

2024 Raythe last film of Phase 5 of the MCU, prepares the Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation of “dark avengersstory arc. That said, the setup for the Dark Avengers’ cinematic debut could also start as early as the first series of the MCU’s Phase 5. secret invasion. This is because Marvel Comics’ “Secret Invasion” ends with the formation of the Dark Illuminati, a crucial turning point in the evolution of the Thunderbolts and the birth of the Dark Avengers, a move that, if repeated in the MCU , could define if the Thunderbolts are good or bad in their representation on the screen.

Inspired by a henchman’s joke about the Masters of Evil replacing the Avengers, Zemo turned his team of supervillains into fake heroes known as the Thunderbolts, with the goal of gaining the trust of the public and authorities for Zemo’s personal gain. When the members of the Thunderbolts began to enjoy public adulation and became legitimate superheroes, Zemo blackmailed them and revealed his evil plans, sparking the Thunderbolts’ first split. Over the years, Marvel’s first team of anti-heroes was led by a variety of heroes and villains, each imposing their own respective agendas on the members. Over a decade later, “Secret Invasion” saw Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts rise through the ranks after Osborn killed the Skrull queen and ended the invasion. Officially, Osborn disbanded SHIELD and the Thunderbolts Initiative to form HAMMER, Osborn’s own superpowered law enforcement agency. In reality, however, Osborn simply turned the Thunderbolts into the personal black ops team of the Dark Illuminati, also known as the Cabal. Alongside Victor Von Doom, Emma Frost, Loki, the Hood, and other criminals, Osborn’s Dark Illuminati fostered cooperation between the villains, in exchange for HAMMER’s Mighty Avengers looking like true heroes to the public.

Echoing Zemo’s original Thunderbolts scheme, Osborn’s Mighty Avengers recruited villains dressed as popular superheroes and real unstable heroes like Sentry, Ares, Wolverine’s son Daken, Noh-Varr, and Osborn himself as Iron Patriot, the Dark Avengers. originals. Though Norman Osborn’s MCU future remains uncertain after his departure in Spider-Man: No Way Homethe MCU debut of Ray itself already begins the MCU’s Dark Avengers story arc. Aside from the two Marvel teams essentially sharing the exact same premise: morally gray villains and heroes with their own agendas working for the government, the Dark Avengers were actually born out of the Thunderbolts, which also technically gave birth to the Dark Illuminati. Many have wondered if the Thunderbolts are good or bad in the MCU, and the answer to this will ultimately depend on who will lead the Thunderbolts if Norman Osborn doesn’t return in time for the movie. While the Thunderbolts are an attractive group, the Dark Avengers’ potential for the future of the MCU is expansive, and therefore it makes sense that the franchise would look to move in this direction.

Are the Thunderbolts evil in the MCU?

Thematically, the Thunderbolts are the anti-Avengers, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re evil. This just means that the Thunderbolts’ roster of characters is as large and varied as that of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. While the Avengers represent traditional superheroes, Thunderbolts allowed Marvel to approach heroism from angles that were impossible to do with their traditional teams. In the hands of Zemo, Wilson Fisk, or Norman Osborn, the Thunderbolts were a corrupt and fascist police force for the supervillain elite. However, the Thunderbolts legitimately reformed criminals into superheroes when they were led by Luke Cage, the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and even Captain America.

Currently, Valentina de Fontaine and Baron Zemo are the two most likely candidates to lead the Thunderbolts, suggesting that they will be an evil organization at least for the time being. That said, anyone recruited into the MCU’s Thunderbolts, by force or not, will have their own agendas to fulfill. In any case, as it will be a long wait before the release of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Y Avengers: Secret Warslooks like the MCU will fill the glaring lack of a super team with the MCU Raywhat could lead to dark avengersand maybe even his own version of the Dark Illuminati.

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