Michael Myers in Halloween Ends with his mask on holding a bloody knife on a staircase

Michael Myers Wields Blood-Soaked Knife In New Halloween Ends Images

Michael Myers wields a blood-soaked knife and fights Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, in new footage from Halloween Ends.

Michael Myers wields a blood-soaked knife – and battles Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode – in a new Halloween ends pictures. Halloween creator John Carpenter is skeptical that the franchise will indeed end with David Gordon Green’s corker-trilogy. However, Halloween ends is presented as the final battle between masked killer Michael Myers and his favorite victim Laurie Strode.

Myers and Strode of course first met in the original Halloween in 1978. Curtis then returned to fight Myers again in 1981 Halloween 2 before taking a break from the series. But the lure of horror proved too strong for Curtis who returned for 1998’s Halloween H20: 20 years later and 2002 Halloween: Resurrection. Another break was then in sight, ending when Curtis boarded director Green 2018 Halloween reboot and its sequel 2021 halloween kills.

It’s easy to be skeptical Halloween ends will now mark the end of Myers and Strode’s decades-long battle, considering all the times the series has been resurrected in the past. But it seems the time has finally come to drive the knife deep into the back of Halloween and put a satisfying capsule on Curtis’ time in the franchise. New Halloween ends the footage indeed teases what the climactic fight between Strode and Myers could be. Someone seems to have come out on the wrong side of a fight with Myers anyway, as two more images show the masked killer wielding a very bloody knife. See the new photos of Total movie (Going through Game radars) in the space below:

Fans are indeed in suspense on how Halloween ends actually ends. Turns out director Green isn’t so sure about the ending, as he admitted recently while talking about the film’s editing process. “It changes every dayGreen admitted Empireto add “I speak with John [Carpenter] and Jamie Lee Curtis talk about it regularly.

No matter how Halloween ends ultimately turns out, a lot of blood is sure to be shed along the way. Indeed, another recent still from the film showed Myers slicing through one of his unfortunate victims while once again rampaging through the sleepy town of Haddonfield. Evil is clearly not dead in halloween kills, despite the city’s efforts to end Myers’ reign of terror once and for all. Now that fans have seen these few stills teasing a very bloody Halloween ends, all that remains is for the film to finally release a full trailer. One should arrive shortly, given that there’s only a little over a month left before the movie hits theaters.

Source: Total Movie (via GamesRadar)

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