Mike Judge Revival Is Still Alive, Not Just On FOX


with the Beavis and Boot Head Revival on Paramount +, questions naturally turned to the creator Mike Judge Another major animation show, king of the hill. The series originally ran on Fox from 1997-2010, but if a revival happens it won’t be on the network. “This won’t be with Fox,” Fox Entertainment chief Michael Thorne Tell The Hollywood Reporter. “We love this team, we love this show. It’s clearly part of our animation legacy. But we’re really focused on animation and it’s launching the next wave type of our signature animated series, while continuing to deliver our great legacy performances.”

King of the Hill: Mike Judge's revival won't happen on Fox
Kathy Najmi, Mike Judge and Pamela Adlon in King of the Hill. Image courtesy of Fox

Why did Fox pass the revival of King of the Hill

Judge, along with king of the hill Content Builder Greg Daniels, Bandera Entertainment, an animation company, launched earlier this year with a revival as a project in development. The judge gave an update at San Diego Comic-Con saying he has a good chance of it paying off. The studio is now part of Disney, and Fox’s status in any new series relates to ownership. “We’re really focused on what new software we think can break out creatively, and that we also have a significant ownership stake in it, if we don’t fully own 100 percent of it,” Thorne said. And on a show like ‘King of the Hill’ that we love, there’s really no chance for us to have an ownership stake in that show. It’s not a move we can take as we develop the next wave of animation, where ownership is critical to the success of the series on the internet. the long term “.

Judge voiced main character Hank Hill, a married father who sells “propane and propane accessories” in Texas. The series also starred cathy stellar (Peggy), Pamela Adlon (Bobby), Johnny Hardwick (dale), Stephen Root (law Project), Brittany Murphy (Luan), and Toby Haas (Khan / Cotton). If not Fox, maybe Disney+ or Hulu are new homes?

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