Multiple CBR writers attack Eric July’s Isom #1 campaign, one calling clients ‘brainwashing’

Two writers from alleged comic news website CBR have attacked Eric Jul Isom #1 Campaign End of this week. Both authors from CBR objected to the graphic novel’s pricing for July at $35, and made statements that hinted at him stealing from his customers.

Source: Isom #1, Rippaverse

CBR’s David Harth tweeted to a July fan, “You can get Saga Volume 1, over a hundred pages of excellent comics, for $9.99. Death of Mary Lily Star for $13. Watchmen for $25. That’s not good value, I’ve I was just brainwashed.”

David Harth Twitter

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Harth compares the value of the company’s property reprint to a self-made pre-order campaign when it’s appropriate to compare what Eric July does to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo projects of the same 96-page length.

modern popular crowdfunding fund, fire sky on KickstarterThey offered their basic books of similar length for $30, a price similar to Isom Book #1. Mark Wade unfixable Reprint campaign with its first edition, a 24-page standard comic, priced at $20. Compared to those, July Isom It appears to be on par with the indie comics.

Isom #1 via Rippaverse Comics

Another CBR writer, Anthony Grammoglia, took part in the July attack, tweeting: “Just because I made a purchase unaffordable doesn’t mean it’s expensive.” One of the best superhero comics ever, All-Star Superman, costs nearly $30 on Amazon when it’s not on sale. It’s 300 pages.”

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David Harth kept arguing with Eric Jul once Isom The creator saw the tweets attacking his book. Al-Harith accused July of “choosing no one” for his response to the attacks on his unreleased comic book. He also clarified that there appears to be a policy at CBR not to cover right-leaning books.

“We don’t cover ComicsGate either, mostly because you and them are against all the things we write about,” he said on Twitter. The site was called Comic Book Resources, before it was rebranded to CBR, and one might expect they would write about comic books and comic news, which Isom #1 It should qualify because the book has sold over 50,000 copies from 40,000 customers as of this writing.

Very few Marvel or DC comics have reached such a threshold in sales, making this one of the bestsellers of the year.

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In a live broadcast addressing the topic, July assumes that CBR acknowledges that it is a political process and does not exist to cover the comics. His hypothesis is based on one of Harth’s tweets which states, “This is like asking why there is no column in a right-wing post by Bernie Sanders.”

David Harth Twitter

The implication is that CBR is a left-wing political blog, not a comic book news site. If true, this is a rare moment in which the mainstream entertainment media is acknowledging their political biases.

It seems as if there is a coordinated narrative crafted by the mainstream media against the Eric July comics. July’s theory, according to a recent live broadcast, is that companies for these so-called news platforms have access to Marvel and DC books and act as mouthpieces for those companies in return.

Isom #1 via Rippaverse Comics

In his live broadcast on Sunday, August 21, he said of the matter, “This is the most important story in the comic books, because it’s clear how many times we’ve sold it. But look how it happened. It’s the most vivid story that can exist.”

He continues, “I’m not asking anyone to cover this crap. Never push anyone in advertising. All I did was put things in there and promote myself. That is it.”

Isom #1 via Rippaverse Comics

with success Isom #1’s Sales have surpassed all bestselling issues in comics, and it is one of the biggest in all comics news. It seems dishonest to try to suppress the story by not reporting it, which could hurt the readers of a comics news site.

Fortunately, readers have Bounding Into Comics, which will cover all comic book news, regardless of the character’s political persuasion.

Isom #1 via Rippaverse Comics

What do you think of the CBR writers’ attacks on Eric Julio?

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