New report claims Prime Video has dropped Conan The Barbarian TV series due to ‘toxic masculinity’

A new report claims Prime Video has ditched the Conan the Barbarian TV series due to its “toxic masculinity.”

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Conan the Barbarian TV series was Announce by deadline Back in 2018. In the initial announcement this current was revealed Dragon House Showrunner Ryan Condall was behind the series. also joined him Dragon House showrunner and Game of thrones Director Miguel Saposhnik.

They elaborated that the series will recount Conan’s origins because he was “expelled from his tribal homelands [and] He wanders into the mysterious and treacherous realm of Civilization as he searches for a target in a place he rejects as a reckless savage.”

The report also specifically indicated that this Conan the Barbarian series would be part of Jeff Bezos and Prime Video’s answer to Game of thrones With Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva writing, “The project is set in pushing Amazon into a large, fantasy/dramatic series/genre with broad appeal in the mold of Game of thrones.”

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The Conan the Barbarian series never came to fruition at Amazon, and in 2020, producer Frederik Malmberg moved the project to Netflix where he works on both live-action adaptations and character animation.

A little over a year ago, Malmberg indicated that they had moved ahead with live-action series production and had begun writing the series.

Malmberg explained, “With Konan, I’m happy to say we’re writing. We’re in development, which means we’re primarily working with a writer who wrote the first draft of the first pilot for the series, and then the season overview.”

Therefore, we are working with the Netflix team. Obviously, with Covid, it’s been a little tricky because everyone is working from home. It’s all Zoom conferences and it’s very difficult to get everyone to go along with them. So, things are progressing, but as always you want them to move on faster than it happens, but that’s the world they live in. But things are going well.”

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It wasn’t really explained why the series was moved from Amazon to Netflix, but a new report from YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge claims it was cut from Amazon due to “toxic masculinity.”

First, Andre Einherjar, founder of Midnight’s Edge, explains that Amazon didn’t just want a Game of Thrones competitor, they wanted to dominate the entire fantasy TV market.

He says, “[Bezos] He wanted something that would enable Amazon to dominate the fantasy market in the same way that Game of Thrones did with HBO. To make this domination complete, they were looking for not just one Game of Thrones, but two. One for the family market and the other for the adult market. A game that would capture the exact same market that Game of Thrones engaged in.”

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After detailing it the Lord of the Rings Their way to take over the family market was, Einhergard explains that Conan the Barbarian was their initial possession to seize the adult market.

He explained, “Amazon wanted The Lord of the Rings to take over the family market, but to be theirs Game of thronesTo take over Game of thrones The market had something else in mind, especially Conan the Barbarian.”

“It was the perfect property to meet the same need as Game of Thrones and they had the perfect show director for it, Ryan Condall, then Colony Fame, “Einhargarh details.” And the texts he wrote were incredibly true to Robert E. Howard’s original stories and to everyone who read them, amazingly.

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Einherger then explains how things went wrong, “But then the CEOs who commissioned Conan in the first place were #MeToo’d and she replaced Jennifer Salk. She came to clean up Amazon in terms of culture and content.”

He then specifically claims that Salke packed the show because of his “toxic masculinity” and replaced it with wheel of time“Where the others saw the next Game of thrones In Ryan Condall’s Conan texts, Jennifer Salk sees only toxic masculinity. As such, Ryan Condall was fired, Conan was cancelled, and Jennifer Salk opted for wheel of time To be a more adult-oriented alternative to Amazon’s Game of Thrones. Although she made sure to make it more female-centric than it already was to make sure there would be absolutely no poisonous males.”

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What do you think of this report? Do you think the Netflix version will embrace the “toxic manhood” of Conan the Barbarian?

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