New Trailer for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Confirms Official Premiere Date

“bankai-ype” is now more realistic than ever whitening Fans, thanks to a new trailer for an upcoming series The blood war that lasted a thousand years The arc revealed some familiar faces and the official premiere date.

Source: Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War 2nd KV (2022), Studio Pierrot.

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The trailer for the official continuation of the 2017 anime series, released on September 11, sees the leader of the 12th Division of Gotei go through a series of screens, noting with interest the fact that a huge number of gems are disappearing quickly – and extremely brutally – across Japan.

Fearing that these killings will weaken the barrier between the soul and the physical realms to the point of breaking, the third seat asks the terrified Mayuri if he has any idea what is going on, to which the captain replies simply, “To be able to erase” the mere existence of the Hollow… Hmm The only ones! “

“They,” as the trailer soon reveals, are Quincy’s army—with enslaved Arrancars—as led by King Quincy Jehoach. (Biography: Takayuki Sogo – Iwau Hazuki, Shenmue Animation).

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

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Next appears poor Yuki Ryuunosuke (Biography: Daiki Yamashita – Tart, tokyo miu miu new)a new Shinigami recruit finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when he quickly struggles with a number of insane hollows (and decently animated CG).

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

However, just as all hope seems lost to the novice, our heroes Ichigo Kurisaki (Biography: Masakazu Morita – Whis, Dragon Ball series), Orihime Inoue (Biography: Yuki Matsuoka – Kagura, Senran Kagura), Yastuora Sado (Biography: Hiroki Yasumoto – Guile, Street Fighter), and Uryuu Ishida (Biography: Noriaki Sugiyama – Shirou Emiya, Destiny / stay the night) up to save the day.

(Impressively, this raucous match between the Soul Society and The Hollows was not only confirmed to appear in the first episode, but the first among several extended and never-before-seen fight scenes that series creator Tite Kubo has promised will appear again.) at Anime Expo.)

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

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The trailer then goes on to provide a montage of the series’ cast members, which notably includes flashes of Rangiku Matsumoto (presumably voiced by her regular biographer, Kaya Matsuntani – Yoshi MatsudaDigimon Tamers), Ivan Azjero (Biography: Wataru Komada – Chris Coron, The [email protected]), and Sternritter Q member, Quilge Opie (Biography: Koichi Yamadera – Beerus, Dragon Ball series).

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

In the end, the trailer finds Uryu trying to extract information from his father, Echt Quincy Ryuken Ishida, regarding Quincy’s plans.

His son punishes him for acting like he knows everything – even though he’s probably thinking about his situation – Ryuken claims to Uryu that the Quincys are kidnapping Hollow.

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

However, he concludes by telling Uryu that the situation has nothing to do with him, as he does so by protecting him from Ywhach while simultaneously foretelling his betrayal of Quincy.

(Hopefully, this additional scene is a sign that we’ll see extended interactions between Ryuken and Ichigo’s father, Isshin Kurosaki.)

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

Building on its peak, the trailer then found Yamamoto Genryusai (Biography: Binbin Takaoka – Hanhui Liu, Shenmue Animation) Hold a meeting with the rest of the Gotei 13 leaders and tell them about Ywhach’s new threat.

With his most loyal soldiers at the ready, Genryusai gives the word and declares war on the enemy. At the same time, Ywhach himself was seen hovering over the center of the Soul Society as his forces began to launch their attack on the afterlife.

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

After a quick look at the aforementioned “Heroes vs. Hollows” battle, the trailer ends with a shot of Ichigo firing his signature Zanpakuto, Getsuga Tenshou

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

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Bleach: a bloody war for a thousand years It will span across four “cycles,” a broadcast schedule showing 12-13 episodes of the series in question in batches along with this year’s regular seasonal anime schedules, starting October 10.

In addition, a synopsis of the first episode was released by whiteningresponsible website The story explains, “It has been observed that emptiness is disappearing one by one in this world, and the Soul Society and the Technology Development Bureau are in turmoil.”

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

Meanwhile, in Karakura City, the newly appointed Shinigami, Ryunosuke Yumeki, and Shino Madaram face the imagination as soon as they arrive. “It was Ichigo Kurosaki and his comrades who helped the two who were helpless in a surprise attack.”

The summary concludes, “Two days later, a man wearing a mask appears in front of Ichigo and the others interacting with Ryunosuke, who has regained consciousness.” On the other hand, strange things are happening in the Soul Society…”

Source: Bleach: The Thousand Years’ Blood War (2022), Studio Pierrot

Regarding simulcasting, Viz Media has confirmed – after a period of brief speculation – via its official Twitter site that it will indeed provide one for Bleach: The Bloody War of a Thousand Years.

Although the publisher has not provided any further details regarding this release schedule, it is likely that more information will be revealed at the upcoming Aniplex Online Fesitval on September 24 or alongside the New York Comic Con premiere on October 6.

Source: Viz Media Twitter

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