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Old Thanos With Beard Revealed in MCU Art for New Marvel Disney Ride

An artist’s rendering of an ancient Thanos with a beard from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is shared as part of a Disney Parks presentation at D23 Expo.

A preview of an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe The Disney Parks ride reveals an older Thanos with a beard. Marvel has slowly developed a bigger presence at Disney parks around the world since Disney bought Marvel in 2009, the year after the megahit blockbuster was released. Iron Man, which launched the MCU. This includes the Avengers Campus, a location in Disney’s California Adventure where guests can meet Marvel characters and experience Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, as well as ride the massive Mission: Breakout drop, the ancient Tower of Terror that has now been modernized to feature Guardians of the Galaxy.

Including Thanos in one of their parks makes perfect sense, as the character (who is portrayed in motion capture by Josh Brolin) is one of the most important figures in the MCU. He is the main antagonist of the Infinity Saga, which follows his efforts to acquire all of the Infinity Stones and use their combined power to wipe out half the universe, easing the burden of sharing resources among the rest of the population. Although Thanos achieved his goal, the people he destroyed were later brought back by the Avengers in 2019. Avengers: Endgamea film in which Thanos was defeated twice, thanks to time travel bringing back a previous version of Thanos after the execution of the original.

During the final day of D23 Expo 2022, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products President Josh D’Amaro delivered a presentation titled A Future Without Limits: Disney Parks, Experiences and Merchandise. During the presentation, they shared a preview of artwork for an upcoming Marvel-themed Disney Parks ride, showing an older Thanos with a beard. The image was later shared on the official website Disney Parks Twitter account with an ominous caption warning that “you never know what enemies you will face from anywhere and anytime.” Check out the official message below:

While there are no details on the journey or in-universe story it will tell, it is likely to be set against the backdrop of the Multiverse Saga, which includes the current Phase 4 and the phases 5 and 6 to come, concluding with avengers crossover movies The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. Given their reference to “anywhere and anytime“, it seems that this particular Thanos is from a different universe, which he survived in. It’s unclear if he achieved his goal of wiping out half the universe, but a mighty-looking Thanos coupled with the chaos Kang is about to wreak certainly seems like a tough situation for the racing heroes to face.

This latest development in the Marvel Cinematic Universe likely won’t impact the films’ overall canon. However, as a lark, it’s certainly worth exploring what an older Thanos would look like, as well as how he behaves. Hopefully, more details about the ride will surface soon, revealing what visitors can expect from this version of Thanos and what other threats might surface alongside him.

Source: Disney Parks

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