Radior and the Mystery of Dell’s Key Ring Comics, Up for Auction


key episode comics It was a set of five 16-page two-color comic books that were sold as a set for a dime by Dell Publications in 1941. The editions have two holes near their spine, as if it were a cover. The features in question are Sky Hawk, Greg Gilday, Sleepy Samson, Viking Carter and Radior. This is about the sum of the information you will find in this series of most references. If it weren’t for Radior, a cool radiant superhero with a cute superhero hood, these weird little items would mostly go unnoticed by history. And that’s a shame, because they’re more interesting than people think. These things are far-fetched, but there four out of five key episode comics for public auction 2022 Sep 18-19 Sep & Monday Selection of Picture Books Auction # 122238 In Heritage Auctions.

Key Ring Comics Radior (Dell, 1941)
Key Ring Comics Radior (Dell, 1941)

Here’s what we know too key episode comics: It seems most likely that they were meant as a Christmas item. Gift packaged caricatureBoth are responsible And (maybe) unofficial It has already gained momentum by this time, and there is evidence to suggest that key episode comics Sold in supermarkets for Christmas 1941was It was still sold for this purpose as late as 1943 (Now reduced to five cents for the five-star comedy group from Sears!).

It also seems likely that most and perhaps all of the titles will be in key episode comics Originated as features or potential features from the short-lived Dell publication title war comics. key episode comics Sky Hawk is a reprint of the stories of that feature in the format War Comics #1 and 2. Greg Gilday is also a reprint of material from War Comics #2 and 3. Sleepy Samson was a comic relief character from the sidekick from war comics Feature Scoop Mason, war correspondent. While Viking Carter and Radior can’t be obtained specifically, it seems likely that they were originally intended war comics.

The war comics The title is a bit misleading, as the series wasn’t a war comic book in the traditional sense. The title contains a great deal of sci-fi and superhero material with war themes. For example, Greg Gilday is like a wild cross between war of the worlds Superman is atomic powered. War Comics #1 It has a strangely cool feature called Sikandur the Robot Master where a foreign dictator sends Android to the US to steal gold from Fort Knox. The radioactive radiator, which is joining the US Army, will be right at home among this content.

war comics Temporarily terminated with issue #4 in the early fall of 1941, and as noted by Michael Barrier in his book on the history of Dell Comics Funnybooks: The Unlikely Glories of America’s Best Comic Books, the publisher’s early attempt at superheroes was already in decline by then. “Superhero fever was brewing in Dell’s comic books early in the summer of 1941, when Captain Midnight, a radio hero lacking in superpowers, took Phantasmo’s place as the featured character on the cover of The Funnies. The focus in Super Comics shifted to reprinting the comic strip.” .

When war comics continued as war stories After a six-month hiatus, it was a traditional war comedy without superheroes or science fiction elements. Moreover, the first two war stories The issues simply contain the Dell title, copyright year, and version number in a style similar to key episode comics issues, rather than the traditional periodical comic book directories. While Key Ring Comics is likely made up of features from War Comics that no longer have a place in Dell Publishing’s comic book collection, this hole and name key episode comics It’s still a bit vague. No packages left for key episode comics known to exist. The Whitman Company, a partner of Dell Publishing and Lithography, made bi-ring binders for coin collecting and many similar items, so there can be many things at play there.

This is still all a great puzzle, and you can have it Four of the five are elusive key episode comics for public auction 2022 Sep 18-19 Sep & Monday Selection of Picture Books Auction # 122238 In Heritage Auctions. If you have never bid on Heritage Auctions before, get more information, you can Check Frequently Asked Questions regarding the bidding process and related matters.

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