‘Rent-A-Girlfriend’ Confirms Season 3 Production

New lights, camera and Wivo?! Buckle up, lonely hearts, as TMS Entertainment has officially announced its animated adaptation of the hit manga Reiji Miyajima. girlfriend hire (JP: Kanugo, OkarishimasuHe got the green light for the third season.

Source: Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 2 “The Usual Girlfriend” (2022), TMS Entertainment

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This news was first revealed on September 16, after the broadcast of the final episode of the second season of the official series girlfriend hire The Twitter account shared a “chiba” clip of Chizuru (Biography: Sora Amamiya – Aqua in Konosuba), Mami (Biography: Aoi Yuuki – Tsuyu Asui in My hero academy), Rokka (Biography: Nao Touyama, High Elf Archer – puck killer), Sumi (Biography: Rie Takahashi, Megumin – KonosubaReceive a note on the news and read it out loud.

While no details have been provided outside of its existence, the series’ production team has promised more information about girlfriend hireThe third season of the anime will be revealed in a “special event” featuring the main anime team members in March 2023.

Retweeting this initial announcement, series director Kazuomi Koga (Kubo won’t let me be invisible) He told fans (via DeepL), “Thank you for the second season of the anime.”girlfriend hire. “

“We were able to successfully connect with the following [season]It’s all thanks to all the fans who support [Rent-A-Girlfriend]! Thank you! Season 3 is the most exciting part of the original work. I think Kanokari’s staff and artists will make a great anime.”

Source: Kazuomi Koga Twitter

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In honor of the news, director of animation and character designer Kanna Hiaryama shared an illustration of the four girls sitting together in white dresses, as seen in the anime’s end credits.

“Thank you for watching the last episode of the second season of the anime,” they wrote on Twitter. “The third season of the anime will be produced! Please look forward to more news.”

Source: Kanna Hirayama Twitter

Similarly, Miyajima himself celebrated with the announcement with a new illustration featuring not only Chizuru, Roka, Mami, and Sumi but also the upcoming addition of Kazuya’s harem, Minnie Yaimori.

Source: Reiji Miyajima Twitter

Minnie made a brief appearance in the series’ second season before her full debut, a twenty-year-old college student who spends her spare time as a cosplayer and YouTuber.

Minnie eventually discovers the truth about Kazuya’s situation, only to find herself deeply affected by his story and in turn declaring him to be a playboy and her “master”.

Minnie sets herself up as winger Kazuy’a, and vows to help him turn the lie of his rental relationship with Chizuru into a reality.

Source: Rent-A-Girlfriend Chapter 236 “The Girlfriend and the Kiss Part 5” (2022), Kodansha. Words and art by Reiji Miyajima

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