Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters “Jeffrey Dahmer” series trailer drops Friday


On July 22, 1991, two police officers entered the Milwaukee apartment in Jeffrey Dahmer. Inside, they found several body parts and severed heads in the fridge and freezer, as well as countless Polaroid pictures of mutilated bodies. Dahmer was arrested and later confessed to killing at least 17 people, mostly young gay men, during a 13-year killing spree that began in 1978. How did the serial killer get away with his crimes for so long? This is the question asked Ryan Murphy & Ian Brennanupcoming Netflix series, Dahmer – The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Viewers will start to get some of these answers on Friday when the series premieres two official trailers (and the second on September 20).

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And to make sure viewers are prepared for what’s to come, we took a look at a small teaser that offers a better look at Evan Peters(“American Horror Story” franchise) Dahmer. Join Peters in the main cast Richard Jenkins (Lionel Dahmer), Molly Ringwald (Sharry Dahmer), Learn Michael (Catherine Dahmer), and Niecy Nash-Betts (Glenda Cleveland, whose voice you hear in the next clip.)

Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer took the lives of seventeen innocent victims. DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a series that exposes these preposterous crimes, centered around disenfranchised victims and their communities affected by the systemic racism and institutional failure of the police that allowed one of America’s most notorious serial killers to continue his killing spree. In plain sight for more than a decade.

Penelope Ann Miller (Joyce Dahmer), Michael Beach (Detective Murphy), Colby French (Detective Kennedy), Sean J. Brown (Tracy Edwards), Mac Brandt (Officer Ruth), Grant Harvey (Officer Muller), Matthew Alan (Officer Gebrish), Scott Michael Morgan (Officer Balcerzak), Josh Brattain (Young Lionel Dahmer), Savannah Brown (Young Joyce Dahmer), Nick A Fisher (Young Jeffrey Dahmer), Cameron Copperthwaite (Stephen Hicks), Vince Hill Bedford (Stephen Tommy), Blake Cooper Griffin (Charles), Matt Cordova (Detective Ross), Rodney Burford (Tony Hughes), Karen Malina White (Shirley Hughes), Nikella Boxley (Young Shirley Hughes), Karl McKinnin (Officer Clyde Reynolds), Nigel Gibbs (Jesse Jackson), Brandon Black (Dean Vaughn), Raphael Sparge (Mayor John Norquist), David Barrera (Police Chief Areola), Dillon Burnside (Ronald Flowers), Khetphet “KP” Phagnasay (Sunthon Synthasophone), Ken Lerner (Joseph Zilber), Dominic Burgess (John Wayne Gacy), Chris Green (Assistant Reverend Adams), Forli Mac (Christopher Scarver) and linda park Julie Yang is set to play a guest star in the series.

Alexis Martin Woodall, Eric Kovton, Evan Peters, Janet MockAnd the Carl Franklin (101 only) Executive Producer, with Rashad Robinson (Head of Color Of Change) works as a product consultant.

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