Think you know what the world is watching?


Every day, I check social media to see what people are saying about TV. Which is a nice way for me to say that I’ve been walking around a lot of people who are more than happy to tell you why the show is so bad, how it’s always sucked up, and how there’s absolutely no reasonable reason for it to stay on the air. Or others will feel it their duty to “educate” you about why your favorite show isn’t your favorite show, and why you should be ashamed of liking it in the first place. Add to that mix the “old men” who want to get rid of when the show started they used to love it exactly, and now they hate it… and you have to hate it too. So, we’re bringing plenty of sunshine into this dreary daily torment with a look at what the world is actually watching. And thanks to the awesome folks at Parrot Analytics, who go through this stuff every day (check out how they do what they do). over here), we have a snapshot of what has been shown on screens around the world in the past 24 hours. This ranges from Games of Thrones, SpongeBob SquarePantsAnd the The Big Bang Theory to me Jujutsu Kaisen, WWE RawAnd the the crown (and a whole bunch of shows in between), so here’s a look at the top 25 where this is written:

SpongeBob Got It: Do You Think You Know What The World Is Watching?

1 – Game of thrones & 2 – Dragon HouseA friendly reminder that just because people say they’ll stop watching something because they hated the ending doesn’t mean they’re actually telling the truth in the long run.

3 – Weird things

4 – The best of Saul on demand

5 – Rick and Morty

6 – piece

7 – Too bad

8 – Cobra Kai: Remember the YouTube Originals show days when he was in danger of getting lost in the mix? Fabulous…

9- She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: [Sarcasm] Fabulous. a look. apparently, Megan Thee Stallion & twerking didn’t kill the series…

10 – The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

11- The attack on the Giants

12 – the walking Dead: F**k you haters. The series hasn’t had any new episodes in months, and it’s still in the top 20. Remind people of that the next time they say they can’t understand why so many spin-offs are on the show.

13 – boys

14 – the crown

15th – meager masks

16- Ted Lasso

17 – moon knight: Now, that was a pleasant surprise. The series shows some serious global reach.

18- The Big Bang Theory: For a show that lasted the entirety of the show, I’m still puzzled as to why there’s so much venom sprinkled on it on a regular basis.

19- Westworld

20- The Mandalorian

21- SpongeBob SquarePants: I’m a bigger force for Paramount+ than people realize, and another example of the global impact that kids’ shows (just look at Peppa Pig).

22- WWE Monday Night Raw: It’s still one area that AEW hasn’t been able to break into yet.

23- the magician

24- Jujutsu Kisen: wait until secondly Season hits…

25- The Handmaid’s Tale

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