Titans Star Brenton Thwaites Shown at Season 4 Wrap-Up Party (Video)


from show Greg Walker declaring it Bush: Legacy star (and titans fan) Titus Williver He will take on the role of Lex Luthor ahead of his now-confirmed return in November for its fourth season to Joseph Morgan & Jay Lycurgo indicating that they have wrapped filming, and the hype has been so strong around HBO Max’s titans. But we might have a major contender for the coolest production update to date, a late entry from one other Brenton Thwaites. Taking to Instagram, Thwaites posted two adorable videos of him taking the stage at his first show-wrap party.

Photo: HBO Max

First gig (among many others to come!) Took some songs for playback testing. Went amazing. Played for [Titans Season 4] Cast and crew at a wrap party. They couldn’t have been nicer and more supportive! Thwaites wrote on his first post, followed by a thank you to the band who helped him make it all happen. In the second post, we get some official song titles (“Chocolate Squares,” “Gone Like Gold” and Canada’s first winter inspired by “Take Me Away”). (With Thwaites promising the full record Searching for the man “almost”):

As Walker, Thwaites and others prepare to take the stage at NYCC on Sunday, October 9, the following season overview has been released that confirms what fans have been speculating, a trip to the Metropolis on their way back to San Francisco. In the upcoming fourth season, which will debut in November on HBO Max, Having Saved Gotham City, the Giants set out on their way back to San Francisco. But after stopping in Metropolis, they find themselves caught in the crossfire of a supernatural cult with powers, on the Unlike anything they’ve encountered before.” So it also looks like our heroes will be taking on Brother Blood (Morgan) in the Metropolis as well. But that’s not all because the broadcast series will also feature a live show floor based on STAR Labs, which is listed as playing a “pivotal role in the fourth season of the DC and HBO Max original series” Titans. “

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Over the weekend, the Walker Show EW Some info about what they can expect from Welver Lex Luthor. From how surprised Welliver Walker was with his reaction to Walker’s show and why Lex is a different threat to our heroes that Titan will face a very serious identity crisis, here’s a look at the highlights:

Walker didn’t have to sell “Giant Fan” Weaver for the role: “Usually you have to put on that dog-and-pony show to get an actor to do the show. But when I called him to lure him in, I could hardly get a word out. We were on the phone, and he’d walk around his library, telling me about all his versions of Wolfman/Perez’ Titans.” He’s a giant, giant fan. He’d watch every episode of the show and could tell me about certain stories, certain shots. It was the most unexpected call I’ve ever received.”

Lex Luthor’s humanity makes him different from the titans of the past: “He has a very sensitive and thoughtful approach to evil and power. You know what he’s done, and what he can do, except, like many of these people, he’s neat. He doesn’t have a cat on his lap. Yeah. He’s curious, which I think is very interesting about his personality. He wants to know about people and what makes them tick, and how they differ from him. He sees the world through the lens either through his own strength or his strength. Inadequate, and he tries to make up for both.”

The presence of Lex Luthor will force Connor (Joshua Urban) to confront this side of his character: “We really get to delve deeper into and shake all of these characters. What shakes Conner up is the story of identity. He’s figured out his superhero character, but he hasn’t really explored himself in Lex. What does that mean when you do that? What happens when you give that self the keys to the car, do you start?” Driving in the wrong direction at rush hour [at] 100 miles per hour? “

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