Violent Night Stars David Harbour As A Deranged Santa On Poster


violent night is a new Christmas action-comedy movie starring David Harbor as a man dressed in a Santa suit who tries to save a family that is kidnapped from their compound on Christmas. They also star in the movie beverly d’angelo, alex haskell, alexis stronger, Eddie Patterson, cam gigandet, Y Juan Leguizamo. tommy wirkola (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Dead Snow) is directing from a script by Pat Casey Y jose miller (Sonic). At CinemaCon this was hailed as a new Die Hard, so those are some lofty expectations. Look at the poster violent night down.

Violent night starring David Harbor as a deranged Santa on a poster
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Violent night is a perfect title

Here’s what our own Kaitlyn Booth had to say about the footage she saw of Violent Night at CinemaCon earlier this year: “In a move that felt very uncomfortable, we went back to Universal movies and port david came out to show one of the wildest sounding movies we’ve heard in a long time. It’s Santa Claus by way of No one either john wick, while Harbor literally plays Santa Claus in violent night. He takes a giant fucking hammer and smashes the bad guys who take a family hostage on Christmas; he looked absolutely crazy. A guy got a treetop star stuck in her face and then got electrocuted by it. We have no words; look for that one in December.”

Between that description and the poster above, how can you not be excited about this movie? You had me on the title, really, but add “Hopper punches guys in the face with a giant hammer while he’s playing Santa,” and you’ve got my money. violent night is scheduled to only open in theaters on December 2, but the way Universal changes its mind in the blink of an eye these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes to open the same day in Peacock.

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