Webcomic returns to Manta in October


manta comics announce it Disobey the Duke if you dareone of the leading romantic comedy websites on the platform, will return for a second season on October 2, 2022. Disobey the Duke if you dare It is a medieval fantasy romance series about a young woman named Lily who is forced into the third marriage of a mysterious duke named Vlad. Her new groom is rumored to be a brutal war advocate, but to Lily’s surprise, he turns out to be a kind and attentive husband. However, she is forbidden to see his face. As their intense romance unfolds, Lily’s curiosity about the Duke’s face grows, causing tension in their marriage and Lily considers whether the rumors are true.

Disobey the Duke if you dare: Webcomic returns to Manta in October
Main art “Duke disobeyed if you dare”, Manta Comics

Disobey the Duke if you dare It was created by the in-house studio of Manta Comics and debuted at Manta Comics in early 2022. Blooming Romance combined with mystery and intrigue creates a web e-book that constantly attracts fans eagerly awaiting new chapters. made her popular disobey One of the platform’s best romantic titles.

In the second season, readers will discover whether Vlad has returned safely from the war after Lily’s departure without a proper farewell and see Lily grappling with her desire to have a child with the Duke in the face of uncertainty about their relationship.

Manta has established itself as a major destination for romance and fantasy comics, with titles such as Disobey the Duke if you dareAnd the Under the oak tree, your eternal lies, the accidental heiress, the forgotten princess only wants peace, And the Duchess of Crowe Demonstrate the quality and variety of webcomics on offer. Manta Comics works with an in-house studio as well as external partners to produce original webcomics from proven stories and deliver them to consumers around the world. It does this with a $3.99 monthly subscription—instead of the traditional pay-per-episode model—and it’s available on Android and iOS.

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