White Rabbit Easter eggs are the talk of WWE Raw this week


This week’s episode of Raw wrestling A US Championship match appeared, but all anyone talks about is what they find on the website after scanning the QR code seen in the episode. After teasing all weekend at home shows where WWE played the song white rabbit by Jefferson plane, QR code appeared on Raw wrestling this week. When scanning the code, bring visitors to a file website Where they can watch an animation of a white rabbit playing a game of hangman to answer the question “Who broke the world”. The answer: “I did.”

White Rabbit Easter eggs are the talk of WWE Raw this week

After watching Bunny solve the puzzle, the screen changes to chessboard style with the phrase “Come with me” before telling the date: 9/23, which happens only for Friday, which is when WWE Smackdown happens. The most prominent theory put forward on the Internet is that these harassments are for the sake of a comeback Bray White. But could it be that easy? Other related theories Carrion Cross. Or maybe it’s just cross-promotion of Mario + Rapids 2. Who do you know?

So what else happened Raw wrestling this week? Not much. Seth Rollins not challenged Bobby Lashley For the United States Championship in the opening match, but that ended up distracting from Matt Riddle Which will lead to Riddle vs. Strict rules In a pit fight match. In another distraction, Kevin Owens get over Austin’s theory when Johnny Gargano Theory distracted him by stealing his money in a bank bag. savages get over Street profits. Doomsday get over Matt Riddle And the Rey Mysterio after a distraction Dominic. And in the main event, Bailey get over Alexa Bliss After – you guessed it – a distraction for Dakota Kay. thread sensor?

Out of the ring … well, in the ring, but not as part of the match, Dexter Loomis Again try to kidnap the distinction, He crawls across the ring cloth to do so, but he refused Ciampa. Watch excerpts from Raw wrestling – as it is – below.

We’ve interrupted these WWE Raw highlights to say “WWE Raw” again. Gotta appease the SEO gods, people. back to it…

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